Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cotton Insect Management, 2011

Points for Discussion:
1. Low Input System - Conventional vs. Technology

2. Evolution of Bt Cotton - Various Genes Involved
 How do they compare and what is in the future?

3. Phase Out of Temik
 What will be the greatest impact?

4. Stink Bug Research Towards a More Rapid Survey Technique
 Factors that influence external vs. internal stink bug boll damage.

5. New Damaging Insects
 Plataspid (Kudzu) Bug
 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
 Red-Banded Stink Bug  
2. Evolution of Bt Cotton - Genes Involved  
How do they compare and what is in the future?

1996         Bollgard Cry1Ac
2003         Bollgard II Cry1Ac + Cry2Ab
2005         Widestrike Cry1Ac + Cry1F
In Pipeline
2012?        Bayer Twin Link/ Glytol Cry1Ab + Cry2Ae
2012-13?   Widestrike Advanced Vip3A + Cry1Ac + Cry1F
2013-14?   Bollgard III Vip3A + Cry1Ac + Cry2Ab
Importance of Adding Genes: 

 1. To provide improved effectiveness across the various caterpillar species. Different genes have strengths on certain species.

 2. To manage resistance and preserve the technology.
Have you ever considered the significance if resistance should occur to the Bt gene(s)? We were living on the edge with a single gene.