Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twitter Updates

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Following is a list of the information I have released this year (between mid January and late May) on Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter @Ron_Smith23 or look on the side bar of this blog to stay updated with my tweets year round.

  1. The loss of methyl parathion registration may be felt early if corn population of is primarily brown species.
  2. First field crop generation of in 2014 usually occurs in corn and may be mostly brown species.
  3. Early season 2014 populations are likely to be predominately the brown species, which are more cold hardy
  4. Insect species that may have been impacted by low temps were and southern green
  5. Early January temps reached single digits in North AL and were as low as 14 degrees along the Gulf Coast.
  6. The recent (Jan 6-8) low temps in AL likely caused mortality to some overwintering insect species.


  1. Thrips control in cotton is more important now in order to reach 3-5 bale yield potential of newer varieties.


  1. Thrips to be collected this spring, prior to and after exposure to cotton seed treatments, for resistance monitoring by .
  2. Kudzu bugs active in Auburn, AL on April 12, a warm sunny day.
  3. Abundant moisture in April could influence similar delayed thrips movement into cotton from wild hosts, as in 2013.
  4. Significant cotton planting will begin next week (April 21-26) in central Alabama, assuming dry conditions.

  1. To register for "Pest Patrol" updates, go to and follow directions.
  2. Insect conditions "Pest Patrol" program to be available again in 2014, sponsored by
  3. Grower concerns increasing about delayed cotton planting due to excessive moisture and frequent weather events.

  1. Both brown and southern green SBs found in wheat in several locations in central AL. Cold winter temps didn't suppress or kill as suspected.
  2. Early stage adult tarnished plant bugs found on wild host plants in central Alabama. Late planted cotton more susceptible to TPB injury.
  3. Thrips numbers remain low on wild host plants in central Alabama. Expect late movement to cotton as in 2013.

  1. Most of AL received from 1-5 inches of rain on May 14. Planting on hold until at least Monday, May 19.
  2. Two true leaf cotton at Prattvillle AL had 1-2 thrips per plant on May 13, regardless of treatment. Little damage evident.

  1. Spidermites reported on 5/27 on cotton in the Eufaula area of SE AL.
  2. Reports of spidermites on both seedling cotton and soybeans in Tenn. Valley area of Alabama, consultants concerned.
  3. How long do acephate, dimethoate and Radiant need to be on plant for good thrips control? Four hrs b4 washoff showed little effectiveness.
  4. Significant increase in thrips numbers during week of May 19-23 in central AL. 50% are now immatures, which indicates in-field reproduction.