Friday, July 23, 2010

Stink bugs and plant bugs

Cotton- A heavy bollworm moth flight has been ongoing this week (July 19-23) in the Florida Panhandle and areas of south Alabama. Small larvae have been observed in white blooms as far north as Montgomery. Many of the eggs are being deposited on large squares and three days later the small larvae are moving immediately into white blooms.

A low number of Fall armyworms are now being reported in cotton in central and south Alabama.

Both stink bugs and plant bugs (both adults and immature) (tarnished and clouded) are in most of all central and south Alabama fields that have not been sprayed since the first of July. A good clean-up spray is needed in most fields and probably should have been made 7-10 days ago.

The drought and heat has taken its toll on cotton that escaped scattered thunderstorms.