Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aphid numbers continue to build, while most insects numbers remain at moderate levels

Insect conditions have not changed greatly in the past week or so. Aphids have continued to build in more fields. All other insects are low to moderate levels (mostly sub-threshold). These include plant bugs (including a few clouded plant bugs coming into the mix), bollworms, tobacco budworms and stink bugs. Most growers do not have enough of a single species to apply controls for. The two biggest surprises at this point in the season are the low number of bollworms and the low number of stink bugs in most fields. Numerous fields of conventional cotton still have less than 2 bollworms per 100 plants. Boll damage to stink bugs is less than 10% in most fields.

Most of the state has had abundant thunderstorms for several consecutive weeks. Cotton yield prospects have improved greatly and, if conditions continue, numerous fields have two bale plus potential. The two biggest limitations we now have are fields with “skippy” stands and too much late maturing cotton.