Thursday, July 19, 2012

Corynespora Leaf Spot on Cotton

I collected Corynespora leaf spot on cotton at the Plant Breeding Unit.  The cotton, which is just beginning to flower, follows cotton and is irrigated.  Weather patterns for the past week have been favorable for the development of this disease.  Much of the state probably will get a good shower or two sometime in the next 7 days.   Irrigated cotton with a dense canopy that has gotten good rains over the last two weeks is at highest risk for disease.  Given rainfall patterns over the past two weeks, cotton in southwest and west Alabama may be at highest risk for disease.  See the PP-715 Leaf Spot Management in Cotton Timely Information for more information on control procedures and recommended fungicides.

Bob Kemeriat, the extension plant pathologist found this disease a week ago in a Georgia cotton field.

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