Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Early Armyworm and Thrip Control

Armyworms, either true or fall, in whorl of knee high corn in Mobile County. Pyrethroid is suggested for control.

Cotton planted April 10-12 at Prattville, Alabama is putting on first true leaf bud this week. Remember thrips control with seed treatments drop sharply at 21 days after planting (which with the cool nights in 2013) is about the time that thrips control is really needed.
The best timing for foliar thrips control is when plants are putting on the first true leaf bud. Acephate (Orthene or generic) is one of the most effective treatments.
Our objective should be to push the plant to about the 5th true leaf stage as fast as possible. We want the largest and healthiest plant possible when we reach the 5th true leaf. For that reason, the timing of a foliar spray is more effective at the 1st true leaf than a spray at the 3rd, 4th or 5th true leaf.
Just remember that what we see as far as thrips injury above ground is also happening below ground with the root system. We don’t want these plants, with 1000-1500 lb. yield potential, to start off with a stunted root system.

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