Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cotton Growing and Thrip and Grasshopper Treatments

Some of the April planted cotton is finally beginning to grow since the nights have become warmer. April 17 planted cotton at Prattville, AL now has 4-6 true leaves and is about 5 inches high. Thrips pressure is still heavy enough to cause a moderate level of visible injury to true leaves when no foliar insecticide was applied. Most cotton planted in April 2013 definitely needed a foliar spray at the 1-2 true leaf stage. Plants that emerged after May 15 likely will not need this foliar application.

I have had several calls this week about making a combination spray to target thrips and grasshoppers as an over the top herbicide is applied. My comment was positive to do this but realizing that some of the grasshopper population is now adults and will be difficult to control without going to the highest labeled rates of whatever insecticides are applied. I suggest staying with a lower rate and just targeting the thrips and immature grasshoppers.
I will come back in a few days to look ahead at out next potential cotton insect – tarnished plant bug. It has been my experience that wet springs, with delayed planting, have the potential to be bad plant bug years.