Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A sub-threshold level of several caterpillar species can be found in most fields statewide. These include green cloverworms, soybean loopers, podworms, fall armyworms, and in the southern areas of the state, velvetbean caterpillars.

If the fall armyworms should occur at treatable levels, growers need to know that they are likely the “grass” strain which can be controlled rather economically with pyrethroids, Intrepid or Dimilin.

Stink bugs, especially the brown species, are at treatable levels in some bean fields. Growers should remember that stink bugs affect the quality of beans more so than the yield. Where brown stink bugs are the primary target, I would suggest a high rate of one of the labeled pyrethroids. These include: Baythroid XL, Brigade (Discipline), Prolex, Karate Z, or Mustang Max. Several of these have multiple generic brand names.